Zehn Fragen an Software Entwickler#

http://www.neverworkintheory.org/?p=407 (gefunden am 06.11.2012)

  • Vi vs. Emacs vs. graphica editors/IDEs: which makes me more productive?
  • Should language developers spend their time on tools, syntax, library, or something else (like speed)? What makes the most difference to their users?
  • Do unit tests save more time in debugging than they take to write/run/keep updated?
  • Do distribution version control systems offer any advantages over centralized version control systems? (As a sub-question, Git or Mercurial: which helps me make fewer mistakes/shows me the info I need faster?)
  • What are the best debugging techniques?
  • Is it really twice as hard to debug as it is to write the code in the first place?
  • What are the differences (bug count, code complexity, size, etc.), if any, between community-driven open source projects and corporate-controlled open source projects?
  • If 10,000-line projects don’t benefit from architecture, but 100,000-line projects do, what do you do when your project slowly grows from the first size to the second?
  • When does it make sense to reinvent the wheel vs. use an existing library?
  • Are conferences worth the money? How much do they help junior/intermediate/senior programmers?
Tags:  Java, Python, Perl, Diskussion

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